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Gamehenge- The Novel
I love Phish.
This book was something I've wanted to do for about 7-8 years. In June of 2010, after finishing my novel "Once a Dream Did Weave" I wanted to write something fun and I decided why not sit down and spend a few months on a first draft for a short novelization of Trey's "The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday," otherwise known as: Gamehendge. (Yes, I know the book has Gamehendge spelled wrong)
When I started writing- there were two ways to go- serious- or silly. I decided to go with silly. Phish has never seemed to take itself too seriously- so I wouldn't either.
I met Mike Gordon on November 19th, 2010 in Bloomington, IN- and handed it a copy of the book directly. Sadly, I never heard back Oh well.

Please keep in mind- this book is in ROUGH DRAFT form. This is not a 'completed' manuscript. This was a fun writing project I took on with 0% chance/desire of financial return and I haven't had time polish it. Still, I think what is here is readable and fun.

Oh well, Always remember:

Please feel free to send any comments or criticisms to me at So without further ado...

Gamehenge- The Novel (PDF)